Real Estate To Abide Rera

Real estate is one of the market which is currently blooming in India, be it for the developers or the customers. Since there are reforms which benefit the home buyers which encourage them for making this investment, developers are keen on selling more and more flats.

One of the trend which is seen in this sector, which depict the growth of this market is, that every builder needs to abide by the Real Estate Regulation & Development Act (RERA) which promises to bring a great deal of transparency and accountability into the system and thus inculcate confidence in real estate.

The Goods and Service Tax (GST) and Benami Property Act will also be the impacting factors on many developers, so as to see how many remain in the ground for running their business and more so after demonetisation along with analysing how will they run their business. So, for the developers to sustain in the market they will have to revamp their old styles of functioning. Real estate developers in Delhi NCR are the ones which have a strong hold to their roots.

So, this is one of the scenarios which ensure that the year 2017 is good, but sales are projected to be best during the last quarter of the year, and flats in Dwarka Expressway are sure to provide the best deals if one is looking for their dream investment.


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